Compatible Devices

  1. Android and iOS tablets and phones
  2. Amazon Firestick (4K version here)- no "jailbreaking" required
  3. Android TV Boxes

Can I use TVX1 anywhere?

The services are IP-Locked and only your mobile Android or iOS device can be used outside of your home network. 

 Violations or attempts to use non-mobile devices on other WiFi networks will lead to the deactivation of your account.  

How do I set it up?

See below.

What is my provider code?


I signed up but did not get an email.

Check your SPAM folder. If more than 48 hours have went by and you still have not received your activation codes, please reach out to us at


If you already have Downloader App (found in the Amazon store on your Firestick) installed, skip to Step 5
Install for Fire TV Stick / Some Android TV Boxes  

1. On Fire TV Stick, go to "Settings"

  • click "My Fire TV" (or "Devices" on other models)
  • click "Developer Options"
  • set "ADB Debugging" and "Unknown Sources" to "ON"

2. On Fire TV Stick homepage, click the "Magnifying glass" in the top left corner 

  • search for, install and open app called  “Downloader"

3. In "Downloader" app, type in link (<----**CASE SENSITIVE**)

  • Click "Go" and "Install"/"Open" - Say "Yes" to any pop-ups

4. Select option on left "USERNAME PASSWORD" Enter provider number of 836, username and password (IN YOUR EMAIL - CHECK SPAM FOLDER)


1. Download iOS app here.

2. Enter Username and Password

  • Username: (found in Welcome Email)
  • Password: (found in Welcome Email)

3. Enter the Provider Identifier: 836

  • Type in 1 of your device PIN codes if asked

Install for Android Mobile Devices (beta for mobile - stable release for tablets)

1. Download Android app here.

2. Click open then pin code
3. Enter your provider number: 836
4. Type in 1 of your device PIN codes


Each set top box is slightly different, however, you will want to follow the same general guidelines as the Firestick.

  1. Allow USB Debugging, Apps from Unknown Sources, and turn on ADB Debugging
  2. Disable any Screensavers if possible
  3. Install and open the Downloader App from the app store on the box
  4. Navigate to (case sensitive) in the Downloader app and click GO to download our app
  5. Install and open the app (app has a "P" on it)
  6. Select PIN and enter the Provider and PIN we sent you in your email (check your SPAM folder if you do not see it)

That's it! Enjoy.

See Firestick setup for a more detailed overview
In the event you are experiencing any issues with the above steps, check with the manufacturer as each set top box is different.